Linda Eanes

Extension Agent, 4-H Youth & Unit Coordinator

My name is Linda Eanes and I have been employed as the 4-H Extension Agent in Cumberland County since 2002.  I also serve as the Acting Unit Coordinator.  I enjoy developing the local 4-H programs.  The growing program encompasses several delivery modes; camping, in-school clubs, enrichment clubs, after-school programs, and special interest clubs.

I am very involved in the community, serving as the Parent Advocate for the Family Assessment and Planning Treatment Team (FAPT), as well as the Community Policy Management Team (CPMT) which are both committed to the welfare of young people and families in Cumberland.  Recently, I was appointed to the Recycling Taskforce Committee, which is devoted to educating citizens about the importance of recycling.

I received my B.A. in English from Longwood University and my M.S. in Career and Technical Education from Virginia Tech in August 2009.